Democratizing Data for the Future of Cities

September 11, 2014

LocalData's Exciting new Direction Announced at Demo Day!

Today marks the beginning of an exciting future at LocalData and the end of an incredible five months spent at the Accelerator program in San Francisco. We are privileged and proud to be members of a growing Matter community – full to the brim with innovative minds, leadership and a growing movement of entrepreneurs who care about using technology for social good.

We began our journey back at Code for America in 2012, practicing human centered design and rapid prototyping to design and deploy lightweight technology in city government. From there, our firm set out to create simple, powerful tools for the democratization of data through digital collection and map-based exploration. We have built ways for community-based organizations, governments and professionals to take advantage of dynamic data previously only available to those with the highest level of technical expertise.

We deeply believe in the future of data literacy. By creating and distributing tools that allow anyone to collect and work with new kinds of data in cities, we support evidence-driven decision making to create a world where all voices have access to good information.

We have worked with hundreds of users and are live today in 25 cities. We are pleased to support the work of government leaders, researchers, and non-profits in advancing a highly localized understanding of rapidly changing cities.

Better data makes better cities.

Today we launch a beta version of LocalData LIVE, a new way to aggregate, layer and filter diverse datasets online. Moving beyond conventionally available datasets, LocalData hosts and filters all kinds of data– from social media to Census and geospatial data. LocalData makes it easy to access information quickly with an intuitive map-based user interface.

Contact us for more information or to become a beta user at

Screenshot of LocalData LIVE