3 innovative projects helping libraries drive civic data

October 11, 2014

Libraries help connect people to the open data revolution -- we've picked our three favorite projects from the most recent Knight News Challenge.

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Democratizing Data for the Future of Cities

September 11, 2014

LocalData's Exciting new Direction Announced at Matter.vc Demo Day!

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Community-driven Data in Pittsburgh

November 26, 2013

GTech Strategies gather vacancy data with LocalData

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Chat with LocalData in Indianapolis

October 24, 2013

Catch LocalData on the Survey Slam panel at the National Preservation Conference in Indianapolis.

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Making change in Chicago's neighborhoods

October 16, 2013

LocalData and the Smart Chicago Collaborative team up to support the Southwest Organizing Project's revitalization of over 50 homes.

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Find LocalData at IAP2 2013 in Salt Lake City

September 20, 2013

LocalData CTO Prashant Singh will present at the IAP2 North America in Salt Lake City.

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LocalData and Gary, Indiana on NPR

August 28, 2013

How LocalData and a former Chicago Mayor surveyed thousands of homes to help transform Gary, Indiana

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What's the technology behind LocalData?

May 30, 2013

We thought our technical audience might be interested in a rundown of what’s happening on the back end. LocalData has gone through a lot of technical iterations to keep everything fast and responsive in the field. We’re building with off-the-shelf components to make this system as simple as possible.

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Fast Company on LocalData

October 10, 2012

Check out Fast Company’s article on LocalData!

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